6 Things You Need to Check Before Changing WordPress Themes

People whoever using WordPress site they probably might have changed their site theme at least once in your life. If you haven’t changed your theme, if this is the first time you are changing your theme then it’s even better.

The beauty of WordPress is it’s very easy for users to change their themes. You can change your theme in just one click.

There is no doubt that WordPress offers a spare of themes and plugins, which makes the development easier and helps to add additional functionalities to your site.

Every time you should not keep the same theme of your website for long time. Few people change their themes in order to change overall look of their website.

Changing WordPress themes are easier, but before switching to other themes you must keep some of your documents safe.

If you are new to WordPress and you want to change your site theme then don’t get tense. Here few tips which helps you to keep your documents backup safe.

Backup Your Existence Theme Files

Most probably all webmasters think about changing their website themes. But very few webmasters change their site teme.Because; other webmasters do not know how they can keep their documents safe.

Very few marketers think to change their site theme only when any problem occurs with their existing themes. The problems may occur like website loading time is slow, when you fail to add different font style, color, when you fail to add sidebars to your existing theme or anything else that you change according to your requirement.

Is changing theme is only the solution? No, most of the WordPress users surf internet to find solutions for all their problems. If they won’t find any accurate solution for their query then they go for changing their theme.

The main reason why you change your website themes?

The most common thing that you need to do before switching other themes is take the backup of your overall website. It allows you to restore your previous website details. So, it’s always better to keep backup before making any changes in your site. Because it decreases the chances of any damage.

Check Browser Compability

You need to test your site in all browsers and you have access too. Because, browsers have a tendency of execution things inversely. Especially in intent explorer. You need to make sure that your website design looks good in all major browsers. Because, some attractive site themes have a tendency of ignoring in different browsers. If lots of audiences using internet explorer then make sure that your site is still accessible for them also.

Maintenance or Running Mode

If you don’t want your users see you while making any modification. Then, it’s best to turn on maintenance mode for 10-15 minutes. It may take you to that everything is working properly page. Once you set up maintenance mode then you are good to go forward and trigger new approach.

Backup The Statics and Other Essential Information

Before you switch to other themes don’t forget to check on your tracking codes and google analytics, multiple times.

This may help you to check the actual performance, conversion rate and other essential things about your website. Hence, it’s always good to preserve the information before you go live to your new theme.

Test Your New Theme on Different Devices

In these modern days, almost everyone is using mobile devices to access internet, compare to desktop. Hence, make sure that your website theme which you are going to use is mobile friendly and also support different devices. Before making any final decision you need to test your website compatibility in multiple devices.

Test Your Plugins

Either you use old or new plugins check it whether it is working with your new theme or not. Hence, you need to double check them. And make sure that whether they are supportive to your new theme or not.