Is it Possible to Make Your Content Better Using Google Analytics?

You can make your content better using google analytics.

It displays in analytics that what type of content visitors or audience linking the most.

Google analytics is a digital marketer’s best friend. Even every marketer uses it to measure their business performance. Like what type of content their audience appreciates the most and to check metrics and campaign movements.

If you have online business then you need to create your business account in google analytics to check your website performance. In fact, there are other tools which helps you to analyze your results but they are not much valued as Google analytics because of 2 reasons.

You can create free account in Google analytics.

Google analytics is a tool which is designed by the most popular search engines in the world. That means it provides all the information about your browsing and search history of people who visits your site.

You can easily check your business conversation rates and view your visitors demographic. You can also discover the way that people follow the links within your site. You can also analyze your business funnel.

Obviously, you may find online to track your business data and analyze it.But, google analytics is extremely awesome.

There are few actionable tips which help you to create better content. All the numbers and metrics can assist the purpose.

The main purpose of analytics is to find out what’s going on in your market and what needs to be changed.

There are some actionable tips which allow you to create better content.

If you want to know what’s working, what’s not working in your content marketing. Google analytics provides you a great accurate read of user behavior and informs you what you should do next.


The best way to express whether your content is unquestionable with people to realize whether other webmasters are connecting to your content from their site.

Because of this reason you must pay more responsiveness to  the referrals or recommendations.

In order to see referral option you need to click on

You need to click on acquisition on the left hand sidebar from google analytics dashboard

Select all traffic

Click o channels

It lists various channels which include organic search, direct, social and referral.

You must understand that how referral metric is important.

Because, it shows a collective number, it shows how much traffic comes from specific sites to your site and it doesn’t show which specific pages they are linking to.

So, you can fix them by adding new column to the table.

Audience Interest

Marketing is all about reaching right people.Espcially, when it comes to content marketing. If you want to connect with your visitors most effectively.Then,you need to communicate  with your audience in their level.Hene,it’s great to find out the interests of your audience.

From the left hand sidebar of google analytics

Click on Audience

From the drop down menu select interests

Then, hit on overview

In market segment you can see how your every category interacting with your visitors like bounce rate, session duration etc.

The Average Time Spent On Page

If you have written great and engaging content then people will read it.And reading consumes more time.

Generally to read any long article you need to 10-15 minutes. It all depends on the words of the article.

Google analytics will provide you how your audience is reading .No; it’s not going to test their reading speed. This gives information regarding the reader’s time and behaviors on the page.

This information comes from average time on page. It provides insight of your audience interest level, reading speed and overall engagement with a page.

It tells you how long the user hangs around on a specific page.

You can find your audience behavior overview report of google analytics. At the left hand side from google analytics

Click on Behavior

Select overview from the menu

Unluckily, through that number gives you an across the board average of all pages. You need a report which shows you how much time your visitors are spending on individual pages.

You can create a custom report to show the information. It will show you how much time your visitors spending on each page of your website.

You can use this report to determine which type of content is sticky and which blog posts are keeping people to hang around for longer time.

So, you can work hard to produce such content.

What makes people to stay on Your Page?

If your users spending long time on your any specific page that tells you how people are interested in that page.

If a readers spend 15-20 minutes on your webpage, which will be well-balanced by the reader who consumes simply 2-3 seconds on your page.

However, the average time on a page shows how interesting and engaging your content is.

If average time on a page is very low than it shows that your content is very poor.