How to Create Perfect Viral Blog Post Article with Structure of Virility?

You might have heard all the time viral word on the web.

Especially, when you upload any funny videos, more people like and share it.In this way your videos can go viral on the web. You might have read many articles on the web which has gone viral on the web. If you research for viral posts which inspire you to write content. But, it is not possible for everyone to create viral content always.

But, you can at least add humor in your posts to get more readable.

Virality is a big deal; viral content figures your attitude or idea.

And the idea about viral content has become deep-rooted in viral population.

It is something that most of the marketers and bloggers struggle to reach with their content.

Viral content   comes in many forms.

If you write viral articles then your articles will be viewed by millions of people and shared by thousands. If you highlight the quality of a viral piece of content that circulates quickly across the web and reaches worldwide audience in a short time.

Whether you post your blog post or video, viral content can capture the attention of peoples every movement of their life.

Though there is no magical process that immediately makes your blog article impressive and sharable. But, there is a certain formula that you can follow to achieve virality.

Hence, you must start understanding few factors and elements that bond viral content.

7 Ideas to Create Perfect Viral Blog Post Article

  1. Content Length

The word count of an article is another factor which helps in determining the potential for virality.

There is a common misunderstanding about the length of the content.

If the content is too long then nobody will read it.

create perfect viral blog  post article

In fact, this is not true? Generally, long content gets more back links, shares and more views and all the good things that a great content deserves.

According to analysis it is clear that the higher word count blog posts go viral like 3000 and above  words article can generate overall highest number of  shares.

If your post is too long, well researched and in-depth content then executes it.However, people run of minimum 500 word articles to achieve only marginal results.

However, people may not read your entire article, but they scan for good content. Hence, it is essential for you to create such articles, so people can   get worth from them. Even you don’t need to read word by word.

So, try to write posts at least 1500 to 2000 words per post. So, your content can be getting shared across the worldwide audience.

2. Visuals

People love visuals; these visuals can make your content come to life and bring the points of your blog article into an interconnected complete.

Images also play an important role in making your content go viral

So, include your post related images in your content which increases the chances of getting more shares.

If you ignore or skip images then it decreases those chances.

Articles with at least one image can perform well than comparing to without image articles.

However, it’s better to add more images than adding just a single image. The more visual appeal is better.

It’s better to add handful of images in every blog article that you write.

3. Know the Power of Influencers

Most of people are not aware of role of influencers in sharing the content. If you get influencers to share your content with their audience then your posts goes viral.

If you get just one influencer to share your content, the results can be significant.

Somehow, if you get five influencers to share your content then it can have a great impact.

Of course, it is easier to say than done.

In order to get influencers on your board, initially you need to see what kind of content they have shared in the past.

4. What Type of Content is Getting More Popularity?

Initially, you need to understand which type of content receives the most shares?

It is very easier to watch 5 minute business related video than reading 2000 word article.

According to analysis there are over millions of articles to discover fundamental outlines that contribute virality.When it comes to blog content  their you will notice that list of articles performed best overall by  a large margin(which is followed by  “why posts”, “how to”  and “what posts”).

Generally, if you have the best article then it has better chances to goes viral. If you have created a list more specifically 10 terms list, it increases your chances even more.

According to analysis 10 items list received more social shares than the popular list number 21.

5. Add Right Emotions

When someone reads your article they must feel certain emotions. Because, the content with emotions receive more  shares.

The top emotions that you can target are

  • Happiness
  • Surprise
  • Fun

Whether all your emotions are positive or negative, your emotions must bring smile on peoples face and bring about good feelings.

Positive emotions have better chances of go viral. So try to avoid negative emotions in your content.

6. Rising on Movements

Most of people used to say that strick on iron when it is hot.

If you create blog content based on something which is popular at that moment then obviously it goes viral.

This approach fairly has short life and probably it won’t be evergreen. But, still you can generate some great experience for a little while.

If your content is epic then there would be a chance that many readers will come to your site to see what you have been up-to.

7. Post Your Article at Right Time

According to research it has been found that the chances of content go viral, considerable the article posted during weekdays.

More precisely, Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays are the best days to play their roles.

But most of people consider that weekends makes more sense and weekdays are less likely to be bonded.

Note: the best chances of your article going viral on Tuesday.