How to Design Social Media Image for Your Brand Popularity?

design socil media image

Are you using images through social media networks?If yes.Ten,you must design social media image which attracts more people towards your brand.

If you are looking to extend your brand recognition.Ten,you must use your business logos in your profiles.

When it comes to images the logos, font and colors work together in social media images.

It is an important part of gaining your brand attention.

In this article you can discover how you can design social media images. And also you will come to know how you can make your social profile good and visual content bring into line to highlight your brand.

Design Social Media Image

Select Best Colors and Fonts Effects

The primary elements that determine how people perceive your brand on social media is your fonts, colors and image. Different goals require different choices for every element.

You can use 2-3 main fonts for your marketing. So, you can occasionally give breakdown that rule on social media. You can use creative fonts which match the theme of their print.

While selecting colors for your visual updates you need to consider what kind of approaches you want to suggest.

If you are promoting a race? Then you can make use of bright cheerful colors. If you are posting your stuff updates then take a well picture and hold it in a plan with your brand colors.

Your Image Must Speak

Around 90% of information conveyed to the human brain is visual. Then, there is no doubt that people will respond well to great design.

Your main focus of your updates by adding pictures in your posts, this is a great opportunity to get creative. When you design visual content then trust less on words. And allow colors, images and backgrounds to take on the weight of conveying your message.

Create Balancing Profile and Covers

Regularity is the fundamental measure of recognition and success. You can use your company’s traditional logo in your profile. So, you can design for each of your social profile pictures to maintain your online brand recognition.

Even if you tweak your business logo, still your audience will be able to recognize you more quickly.

The regularity among your profile and cover phots is attached by graphic elements like text, color and imaginary. Hence, select your cover photo which balances your profile image. So, you can use your existing marketing material.

Design Environmental Templates

Every social network has its own optimized image dimentions.Obviously; it consumes more time to create individual images for every network, every time to share your visual content.

The easiest way to reduce your design time and maintain regularity is to create templates for the type of posts that you share regularly. Don’t limit yourself to just 1 or 2 types of templates. Make use of several templates to accommodate a variability of content.

Use Watermark

If you are using logo or other icon with your image. Then, create strategies conversation size and placement. Varying logo sizes can appear untidy.

You can see that a company logo is the same size and in the same place on each photo. This consistently plays a part in overall brand recognition.

Never place your logo blush with the authority of your photo. Rather leave some space around it.So, people can recognize your brand more easily.