How Do You Increase Blog Engagement by the Numbers?

Of course, everyone wants to increase blog engagement. Apparently; the main reason for creating blog is to engage more readers on your site.

Do you want to engage your readers with your blog? Do, you want to share your posts on social media? Do, you want to make them revisit your blog and read your next post? Then, how do you achieve all your goals.

First, it is essential for you to know the importance of blog engagement for SEO before we start discussing about increase blog engagement.

What is Blog Engagement?

Blog engagement is all about the ways where people can interact with your posts. They may interact with you through leaving comments, sharing your posts with others etc. Moreover, it is also a form of engagement to revisit your site to read your next blog post or they subscribe to your newsletter for your upcoming updates.

Generally, engaged readers are those who are always active on your blog. If you want your visitors to be active. Then, these active readers are those who buy your stuff, read your posts and become your regular visitors of your website. And people are your most trustworthy clients.

6 Tips to Increase Blog Engagement

Share Your Knowledge and Ideas

Make sure that that your content must worth sharing. And people always like to share those contents which are original and it is most effective way too. So, don’t scare to share your knowledge.

Be Regular

In order to make people to get engage with your content, you must blog regularly. So, people can expect more from you. If you don’t want to blog every day, you can post often. However, people always publish posts on Thursdays. Because, people might just blow by your website on Thursdays.

Engage on Others Blog

If you want your blog to be visible on other blogs. Then, just comment on posts which have similar subjects as your own posts. If people will view you engage on other blogs then they will be more curious to view what you have written about.

Your Blog Post Must be Notable or Remarkable

Make sure that your content must be informative, entertaining and relevant. So, people can share it with throughput the world. If you want to create Inscribe SEO content then go ahead and read the blog post.

Be Questionable

When your written article is questionable then definitely people will respond to it through comments. Hence, if you want people to share their ideas and thoughts on certain issue. Then, start discussing an interesting discussion.

So, make sure to be questionable and make your statements a little bolder. But don’t overboard otherwise you will bond with a lot of negative comments, which is not good for SEO purpose.

Respond to Comments

If you invite people to comment on your blog. Then, you need to be graciously responding to their comments. If your audiences notice your attention and responses or reaction. Then, they will be more motivated to revisit your website more time.

Why Engagement is Essential for SEO?

Blog engagement is a significant feature of SEO.If your audience write any comments on your blog post. Then, google will notice that your blog is very much active. And of course, social media will increase your blog ranking, if you share your posts. If people share your posts on social media or they conversation more about you online. Then definitely you will generate more traffic and leads for your blog.

Again the same question arises what makes people to comment on your blog or make them to read your posts. Your interesting content   can make people to read your content and they are much excited to read your every next paragraph. Means your every sentence and paragraph must make people to think and create curiosity to read your next sentence or paragraph.