How to Write Little and Tell More With Smart Writing Techniques?

Every content writer must have skills   that they must write less and their copy must provide more information with smart writing techniques. So, how do you do this?

Most of the content writers what they do is they write long texts with more sentences which are hard to engage such articles.

Do You Know Why They Write Less?

Research shows that people have less tolerance especially when they are on the web. They want to get and digest information as quickly as possible.

If the visitors are getting tired with longer texts which is more than 800 words. Unless something draws their view, they read text through.

Hence, all content marketers need to learn to express their ideas in less word.

Do You Write Less or More?

If you write, less than make sure that your every text must be crushed without losing its quality. Try to learn how you can avoid tons of waste words that you put in your article or post. This may surprise you how you can write brief and truthful your articles can be.

What should be Your Content Limit?

There is no specific number of words. Your goal is to cover-up your topic well in few words. In most of the cases, 500 to 1000 words are enough. It could be better idea that you could break your long text into two posts.

 Make Your Text Clear with Smart Writing  Techniques

1. Avoid Meaningless Sentences

Creative writing is different from content marketing. Hence, remove irrelevant sentences from your posts even they are eye- catching. Not all the text parts in your post will increase anything to your main idea of the text that should be changed down.

Do every content writer’s posts give the main idea of the text? Obviously not, every content writer’s posts have useful sentences or text. If your content has useless or meaningless, sentences then remove them from your posts.

Only try to add useful information and meaningful sentences in your content.

2. Break Your Text into Theoretical 

Divide or break your longer  text into smaller parts. It does not only make your article more readable about. It also helps you to realize which part you need to skip.

It really works well for difficult sentences. Therefore, you could break them into smaller parts.

You might be thinking that your small sentences can only make your post longer. However, you can omit some sentences or some phrases in few words.

Hence, try to avoid using complex sentences or passive voice in your content. Because these make sentences heavier. You can use them only when it is necessary.

Hence, identify the sentences, which are hard to read. It will point you at the sentences that you should compress.

3. Movement of Your Plan

Your detailed plans are the semi of the success. They help to structure your thoughts and give them better idea of the upcoming text. You might have spent less time for writing your article and you have made it less after work polishing your text.

4. Eliminate Adverbs

Generally, adverbs appearance is worthy in novels and essays. But, they build their text much longer and sentences too, which are harder to read. In most of the cases, you do not get free of them without losing its quality.

Think yourself that the word or phrase in your content is crucial for the idea conditions in the sentences. If it does not add any value or meaning to your sentences then just remove them.

5. Polish Your Texts

This is an extremely helpful for polishing your texts. This method may sound a bit strange.But,it helps to figure out what phrases you can remove or express it in simpler words. You can carry this step after finishing your writing or once you complete your writing.